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acupuncture meridian doll


Offering sliding scale, gentle
acupuncture, bodywork & energy
work. Focusing on Mental & Emotional imbalances to keep you pain free & moving forward in life.



~ Courtney’s depth of knowledge and experience in the healing arts have served me well. I see her as a regular apart of my self-care regimen for an optimal mind- body experience. Her space has good energy. She is accommodating, attentive, and an excellent listener. All this keeps me coming back with gratitude.

-- B. Ramirez

~I've been seeing Courtney for over two years for acupuncture and occasional reiki "tune-ups" which have been instrumental in controlling anxiety and keeping me balanced. She has helped me with digestive issues and, more recently, effective pain management for knee and shoulder issues from past injuries. Incredible results! Sessions are always preceded by a detailed review of physical/mental issues. She is very thorough, very skilled and has incredible life force energy. I feel beyond lucky to have found such a skilled practitioner and absolutely lovely person.

--S. Morgan

~Courtney is a gifted practitioner of healing arts.  She is sincere, sweet and cheerful with a wisdom beyond her years.  She understands and coordinates well with the body-mind dynamic of each individual person she treats.  Her work produces results that are effective and long-lasting.  She is always learning more and offering the benefits of what she learns.  Courtney's treatments are thorough, gentle, tailored to personal needs and true to the principles of TCM, Reiki and Shiatsu.  The only way to find out and to get the full benefit of a Courtney treatment is to go get one!  

I've been to many other acupuncturists and Courtney is by far the best I've ever been to.  I hope she never leaves the area!

--G. deRoin

~ Seeing Courtney for Acupuncture almost weekly has resulted in in a whole new lease on LIFE for me. The stability she has brought to my disease when countless doctors have failed, is Amazing.

At one point I started to receive insurance based acupuncture from another provider and it was a fiasco. Courtney creates twice the effects for my life in one visit compared to seeing other acupuncturists 4 times as often.

And my lifetime friends and family ALL have noticed the difference.

-- S. Fletcher

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