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healing modalities offered


Acupuncture is the insertion of thin needles into the body to help your body heal itself. I like to think of pain and other imbalances in your body as a dam of energy and life force. The Acupuncture needles gently go in to your body's energy grid and loosen up that dam, allowing your body to open up that space on its own, and let your system flow the way it needs to. Our bodies are totally interconnected. The Acupuncture meridians run all over your body and that is why you can place a needle in one location of the body and get the effects desired in another location. Most people think Acupuncture can only help heal physical pain but it can also help heal mental and emotional pain. Many people do not realize body pain can stem from long term imbalances in our stress levels. 

Shiatsu Massage (Japanese bodywork)

Shiatsu is Japanese acupressure bodywork. By taking an abdominal (hara) diagnosis, I can determine which of your meridian systems is imbalanced and use acupressure to help the body correct these imbalances. Shiatsu is a very relaxing type of bodywork, very different from the deep tissue bodywork many are accustomed to. Shiatsu is great for people who do not enjoy Acupuncture. It uses the same meridians as Acupuncture, yet uses finger pressure instead of acupuncture needles. A session includes Hand & Foot Reflexology.


Reiki (Japanese energy work)

Reiki is a gentle, hands on, type of Japanese energy work. I hold my hands either on, or a few inches above your body to find the areas that would like some help with healing. I usually work from your feet up, bringing energy into your energy grid and allowing the energy to travel where it is needed. I am trained and certified as a Usui Reiki Master.

Long-Distance Remote Reiki is now being offered! You lay in your own comfortable space at home, we chat over the phone, I send Reiki to you using a surrogate object infused with Reiki focusing on your specific needs and imbalances then we talk at the end. 

Topicals, Herbs & Supplements

I offer an array of Chinese & Western Herbal Products both as internal medicines and external pain relief; along with high quality full spectrum hemp oil from Radical Roots (Acupuncturist owned and operated).The products I offer have been used by me and my family for effectiveness before I offer them to others. 

Many of my sessions incorporate Acupuncture, Shiatsu or Reiki and herbs/food medicine together. I listen to what your needs are, assess what your body's needs are using the above diagnosis techniques and come up with a treatment very individualized for you.  

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